Robin Schmidt is a musician, composer, and teacher, based in New York City, whose main instrument of choice is the guitar (he also plays piano and bass). Ever since he was given his first guitar and lesson on his 10th birthday in 1995, Robin has been honing his skills as a guitarist and musician, and organically developing his own sound. While he is versed in many styles, the music he gravitates toward is groove based. His playing is noteworthy for its soulful tone, slinky funky lines, and raw energy, all the while exercising tasteful musicianship either laying in the cut with rhythmic parts or crafting melodic phrases. Robin's knowledge of music also extends into the academic realm - he holds a bachelor's degree in music from Bard College. Robin enjoys passing on knowledge of the guitar and music, and teaches lessons in the NYC area.

Robin is a founding member (and co-leader) of Ikebe Shakedown, an instrumental soul group based in Brooklyn, NY. Formed in 2008, Ikebe Shakedown recently released their second full-length album on Ubiquity Records, recorded at Daptone Studios. The band continues to tour throughout the US and Canada. In addition, Robin has performed and/or recorded with The Monophonics, Lee Fields & The Expressions, Saundra Williams, Alba & The Mighty Lions, Breakdown Brass, Joshua Hatcher, Trio Impossible, The Northside Players, Orgone, Gillian Harwin, Mayteana Morales, The Josh Tyler Band, The Blue Lemons, as well as former bands Non-Existent, Dirac, and The Brilliant Corners.

A recent review on had this to say about Robinís playing on the opening track of Ikebe Shakedown's most recent album: "Robin Schmidt is the X-factor on Guitar. He has the ability to go back and forth between flawless quick rhythm playing and a part on the breakdown that may sound as lush and beautiful as any guitar sound Iíve ever heard on record.... he showed incredible versatility floating between rhythmic and melodic playing. " -Brad Bershad,